It starts with seedlings

Various seedlings

My collection of seedlings, waiting to be planted when they are big enough.

This year, the plan is to expand our vegetable garden.
There are plans for two raised beds, in spots that catch the sun.
In the meanwhile, my early spring collection of seedlings has turned the kitchen table into a nursery.

The first rays of the sun on the #wintersolstice

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Pretty potatoes for lamb neck stew #saturdaynightsupper

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The satisfaction of making a plan

homemade fitbit band

My homemade Fitbit band.

For Christmas in 2016, I asked for a Fitbit. I was given a Fitbit Flex, one of the least fancy versions of the range.

But it does its job well – I use it principally to try to encourage myself to do more steps every day, and it gives me the data I need to try to meet that goal.

But this is not about the little Flex “pebble” which does the measuring  – it’s about the poxy plastic wristband that came with it. Continue reading