Adventure journal entry one – January 18, 2024

Over on my business website, I’ve written about my plans for 2024.

One of those “resolutions” is to journal my fears, and vulnerabilities – but also my wins and learnings.

This is that journal. It is not SEO-optimised, or edited, or presented nicely. It’s just a place to keep track of what I’m doing and learning. But, crucially, I will be doing that publicly rather than privately.

When I got up this morning, I didn’t know I would be doing this, so I have run a little short on time to do a deep dive into my progress (against goals that I will enter here in a future post).

But today this is what I did: I made a specific plan to create an email course that I can sell to 10 people for R300. A laughably small target, but that’s the point. I am really afraid of putting an online course out in the world, so I resolved to start small.

I’ve drawn up a six-week plan, deadline March 1, 2024, printed it and congratulated myself on a job well done: I have limited the amount of time I will spend on research, I’ve told myself I don’t have to do a bunch of courses to learn skills. I’m just going to pick a topic, make an email course and see if I can sell it to 10 people.

Picture: Dariusz Sankowski, Unsplash