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Sorted! tip of the day – October 24, 2011

Wear comfortable shoes.

Sorted! tip of the day – October 20, 2011

Use a calendar. Preferably a big one, with big blocks. Best on the market can be found at Flylady. You have to order it from the States but it’s worth it.  As are her tips on HOW to use a calendar.

Sorted! tip of the day – October 18, 2011

Keep things simple. The more complicated a system is, the less likely it is to be used.

Sorted! tip of the day

If you can’t find a pair of scissors when you need it, it’s because either you or someone else put it down in a odd place. Go to the local supermarket, find the stationery or kids’ aisle and marvel at how cheap a pair of scissors can be.  Now set about buying enough pairs that you can have one in every room of the house.