Gretchen Rubin at The Happiness Project has made a life’s work out of researching happiness. Unashamedly copying her, I originally thought I would use this website to share thoughts about being tidy and organised.

Paradoxically, the site has become untidy and disorganised. It now has a bunch of other content: some of it is about journalism, but that is my job and that whole life strand is now better represented over at my business website, Safe Hands.

Essentially, this is a blog in the original sense, an online log of thoughts. None of the content is SEO optimised, and it never will be (I do have an SEO plugin, into which I enter the most cursory of phrases. It is very unhappy with me.) It is written by a human being in all her messiness. No bots here, just a motley collection of rough-and-ready writing.


Online, print, editing, writing – you name it, I’ve done it. I just never got to cover cricket matches. I’m a wife and mother, sewer and gardener, baker, reader and drinker of craft beer and indifferent wine out of a box. Fan of Bruce Springsteen and Terry Pratchett. 

Renee Moodie

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  1. Hi Renee
    I’ve just read your column It’s the reader, stupid and what you were saying about stories and our deep need for them struck a chord with me. I work for Nal’ibali, a reading-for-enjoyment campaign. We insert reading supplements into our titles and each week run a column about reading and writing. I know we work for competing media houses, but I wondered if you would be able to write a column for us? Please mail me if you are or if it wouldn’t be a conflict of interest. Thanks and kind regards, Leizl

    1. Hi there

      I’m sorry to have taken so long to reply – I wasn’t getting notifications of comments and so simply missed it. I’m flattered by your offer but I do think it would be a conflict of interest – really sorry!


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