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No beautiful thing – Friday July 4, 2014

I left home at 5.45am. I got home at 6.10pm, having spent over an hour in a storm getting home. In between was lots of work. No picture today.


One beautiful thing – Thursday July 3, 2014

20140703_164019The cloud Starship Enterprise appears in Cape Town. Taken from my car in a traffic jam. I did say it was a bad week.


One beautiful thing – Tuesday July 1, 2014

20140701_115724Okay this was a bad week – into every project, some imperfection must fall. Too much to do at work. school holidays… pictures were not taken, the world was not observed, it all went past in a blur. This picture was indeed taken on this day, by Bob Seddon, who clearly was in touch with his inner cat lover, as shall be seen.