Adventure journal entry 13 – April 26, 2024

I’ve been doing some reflecting on how I use my time.

First, I started thinking about why I seem to have so little time to spend on “my own things” (mostly hobbies – sewing, gardening and the like – but also reading, thinking and writing). I sat down and said: right, there are 168 hours in a week, and then did the maths on how many hours are spent sleeping, working, doing chores, shopping, spending time with other people. I found that it seemed that there were 30 disposable hours left over after doing all that.

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Adventure journal entry 12 – April 22, 2024

A big lesson was learned last week.

I was determined to learn how to edit videos. There are (of course) videos in my online course, and also I believe I can learn anything. So I set a deadline that I would have my first video edited and ready for upload by Friday April 19.
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Adventure journal entry ten – April 5, 2024

I did my quarterly review over the Easter weekend.

The process involves looking at the past three months and then seeing what I want to get done in the next three months. I do this 90-day plan every three months. I do set goals for the year – but I find that three-month “sprints” feel more immediate and doable.

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