Adventure journal entry four – February 9, 2024

network of people on video call

This week I’ve been researching the online platform I might use to run an online course. I eventually settled on Thinkific – and this morning as I logged on to it, I thought: okay I am really doing this now.

“This” being making an online course – something I have said over and over again I would do, and “never got round to”.

I think the key factors have been addressing my fears (this Tim Ferris video is a goodie) and committing a daily slot of time to working on it. Also – an intense coaching process I am in is pushing me in all sorts of good directions.

I’ve also worked on my marketing strategy. I did not, as I have done in the past, look for an online guru. Instead, I made a list of every client I’ve had in the seven years I have been running a business. And then I listed how I found those people, or how they found me. It turns out that my biggest work has come from people I knew before I went into business on my own. followed by people I approached for work, followed by my blog and email newsletter. So my strategy is simple: maintain and extend the network of people who know me well (be a friend!); be on the lookout for people I can approach (be proactive!); and keep up the blogging (show what I can do!).

So simple, so workabable.

Picture: Chris Montogomery, Unsplash

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