The satisfaction of making a plan

homemade fitbit band
My homemade Fitbit band.

For Christmas in 2016, I asked for a Fitbit. I was given a Fitbit Flex, one of the least fancy versions of the range.

But it does its job well – I use it principally to try to encourage myself to do more steps every day, and it gives me the data I need to try to meet that goal.

But this is not about the little Flex “pebble” which does the measuring  – it’s about the poxy plastic wristband that came with it.

Seven or eight months after I started wearing the Fitbit, the strap broke. The plastic tore at the spot where the pebble is inserted.

I complained to Fitbit, and they very efficiently sent me a new one as part of the guarantee. But that one broke too, several months later.

broken fitbit bands
The two broken Fitbit bands.

It seemed to me that the wristband part of the product was inherently flawed.

So I went online, trying to find an alternative, and established several things:

* You can get lots of wristbands that will apparently solve the problem, and are very pretty. But when you look closely, they are actually just disguises/covers for the actual wristband.

* You can buy many different kinds of generic wristbands, all made from plastic. Why go down that road again?

* You can buy expensive handmade leather wristbands. At the time of my research, I didn’t want to spend that amount of money, though.

Hmmm. Perhaps I could make my own?

Another internet hunt brought me a tutorial for making a DIY Wrist Wallet, the sort of thing you would put a house key in while out for a run.

The pattern needed some adaptation – the fabric strips needed to be narrower, and I thought it needed more Velcro. So I made those changes, and made myself a new fabric Fitbit strap.

The moral of the story?Homemade fitbit band

There are two: if you can afford it, buy a fitness tracker with a better wristband.

And if you can’t, there is great pleasure to be had in making your own, thereby getting the better of a big corporation. DIY rocks!