If you love it, photograph it and let it go

20130801_202807 (800x600)
They were loved, and on they go

In the last week or so, I deluttered our upstairs bathoom. It was not too bad before – just filled with invisible sh*t (our household phrase for things that have been around so long that we no longer see them) and a significant accumulation of bath toys. At bathtime, I went through all these things with the 10-year-old and some was chucked, some was moved to where it belonged and some was photographed and ear-marked for giving away.

The photographing thing was suggested somewhere on the Flylady site – the idea being that a thing that is loved but not used any more can be photographed and let go. The set of three ducks were among my son’s very first toys and were played with with great gusto. Now they need to go to some other little kid. And we have the photo to remember them by (me more than he, if truth be told, needed this photo).

So now we have a “new” bathroom, and the sheer relief of its emptiness is a wonderful thing. I want the whole house to feel like that.